Our mission is to offer PEMF Therapy Sessions and Units to increase the comfort, performance, and quality of life for Equine, Livestock, Pets and their Humans.

What’s That?

To understand PEMF therapy you must first understand that each cell in the body is like a tiny battery. Over the course of your life those batteries will become depleted. Through PEMF your batteries (or cells) are recharged. Over the last 400 years the earth magnetic field has decreased; which in turn has caused a decrease in the magnetic fields that our bodies rely on just as heavily as they rely on food, water and air. Through PEMF Therapy magnetic fields move throughout your body to help regenerate the cellular energy that has been lost. This helps your body to heal quicker while increasing energy and regaining balance.

PEMF machines offer the the deepest form of massage – a cellular-massage which penetrates deeper than massage, laser, or shockwave.
PEMF machines can treat areas not easily reached by other methods…including the poll, TMJ joint, upper neck, hamstring, and psoas muscle.


Click the image below to see our handbook!
PEMF handbook
Laredo Ranch PEMF handbook

LAREDO RANCH Offers So Much!

We work with animal athletes and human athletes. Taking the competition ability to the next level. 

Services we offer include PEMF Sessions, Equine Kinesiology Taping. and Graston Technique Soft Tissue IASTM (instrument assisted softtissue mobilization).

We also sell PEMF Machines and Hidez Compression Wear for horses. Let us help you select the machine and attachments most suitable for your situation and at the best prices.

All of our machines have safety testing, are class 2 durable medical goods, and CE Certification. Ask me about financing or rent to own!

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Why Use PEMF?
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