Complete PEMF helps you up your game.

Did You Know This? PEMF Tips

♦️➿♦️Did you know?

PEMF therapy reduces chronic, damaging inflammation, relives pain, reduces swelling, and improves range of motion.


Did you know?PEMF works to repair bones, wether damaged by surgery, injury or disease, and has been found to improve bone regeneration. BECAUSE PEMF therapy improves the quality of calcium produced, bones mend up to 3 times faster than those not exposed to PEMF.


Did you know?Magnetic field therapy is recognized by FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) which has already approved many PEMF devices to aid in.1) Fushing broken bones.2) Healing wounds.3) Pain and tissue swelling.


Did you know NASA is putting PEMF in all astronaut suits. When they leave earth they are still getting PEMF.



Why Use PEMF?

PEMF Magnetic field therapy is recognized by the FDA to aid in these areas:
Healing of non-union fractures
Healing wounds
Pain and tissue swelling
PEMF Helps the Body…
Repair damaged tissue
Reduce swelling
Reduce pain
Improve circulation
Increase absorption of nutrients
Cope with stress
Support the immune system
PEMF is used for
Post-surgery recovery
Energy and stamina
General wellness
Accelerated healing
Training and recovery for athletes
Equine athletes
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Bucking stock
Small animals and pets