You can rest assured knowing that when you trust Laredo Ranch PEMF with your Sessions and Taping, you are dealing with a certified therapist!

Kalie is a Certified PEMF Equine Therapist, Certified Equine Kinesiology Taping!

PEMF Sessions for People, Equine, Canine & Livestock

PEMF sessions for health and pain relief

Get feeling better today! We work with animal athletes and human athletes. For instance, try a session and get your body feeling better! Take your competition ability to the next level.

We offer barn visits, private visits, group sessions and also set up our PEMF booth at many large trade shows and equestrian events. If you’d like to do your own sessions at the convenience of your schedule and location, we’d love to discuss PEMF machine options with you. We sell the PEMF machines and want to help you find the perfect machine for you, your livestock or your equine athlete.
STOP pain today and Build a healthier YOU!

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Kinetic Taping and Graston Technique IASTM

Kinesio taping works off of accupressure and stress points and is used to improve postural issues, encourage support, re-train habitual riding issues, and release immediate pain for our beloved horses.

The use of kinesiology taping provides protection for the horse and can be used for injury treatment.

Kinesiology taping is a taping technique designed for use in both therapeutic (injury rehabilitation) and working athletic situations.  Kinesiology tape has been successfully used on humans for over 25 years. 

During the last few years, the adhesive and taping techniques and patterns have been modified for use in the equine and animal world.  Just as human athletes can wear the tape when training for their sport, horses can also be ridden with the tape on when they are working.  The tape can also be applied when the horse is recovering from an injury.

Graston Technique is a unique, evidence-based form of IASTM that utilizes medical grade stainless steel instruments to amplify the feeling of palpation and expand the power of your hands as you work to identify soft tissue irregularities in the horse’s body. Maximize the outcomes of your manual therapy treatments.

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