PEMF for Livestock

Just like humans, animals can get stressed, which causes strain on their bodies. When it comes to show stock, we all know that soundness is so incredibly important. Well did you know that PEMF Complete can not only reduce your animals stress levels, but can also improve soundness; all while helping to maintain overall health and wellness?  PEMF Complete is a completely drug free method used to keep your animal healthy and stress free.

PEMF for You

Have you ever felt an imbalance that you just can’t shake? Do you feel like you’re constantly fighting off illnesses? PEMF Complete may be exactly what you need. PEMF is a form of magnetic therapy that allows restorative magnetic fields to move freely through your body, resulting in an increase in energy. This energy increase allows your body to regain the balance that your body is lacking, in turn allowing it to kick up its immune response and promote overall bodily health.

PEMF for Equine & Pets

PEMF Complete uses pulse magnetic field to massage your animals on a cellular level. In turn this increases circulation and blood oxygenation which leads to: Quicker healing times, reduced inflammation, enhanced mobility, improved mood, overall cell health. By utilizing PEMF complete for your show stock, you are helping your animal maintain peak performance at all times!  BOOK YOUR SESSION TODAY!

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